Presidential Communication

Phonecast For Academic Presidents and Key Leaders

Phonecasts overcome the limitation of time and resources that typically restrict personal contact from a President and other key leaders to just a select number of alumni or members.

Phonecast Benefits Of Outbound Calling

For new Presidents, Phonecast are a fabulous way to tangibly establish meaningful connectivity at a scale unheard for a college or university leader. Because it is an outbound-call, it gives Presidents the opportunity to demonstrate genuine interest in building community and engagement among alumni/ae.

The Value of Phonecasting

There is tremendous value for a President to spend less time on the road, but to be more effective in alumni outreach, communication, and broad-scale engagement activities. In about an hour from your campus office next week, Community Phonecast can help to connect your President with more alumni than the frequent flier miles she accumulated on your last business trip – and more alumni than she saw or spoke to last year.

It’s worth far more than you’ll need to invest in Community Phonecast.