Giving Phonecasts

Annual Giving

Just before your main appeal or phonathon begins, the value of your president or dean engaging in conversation with your entire audience is immeasurable. Allowing you to preview and match your appeal’s talking points, cultivate the “case” on the eve of the ask…
That’s one main scenario for Phonecasts in an annual giving setting.

Organize and Prioritize Variable Data

If you are using any kind of variable data in your digitally-printed or electronic communications, the data capture capabilities of a Phonecast give you the ability to discover the current interests/priorities of your alums and turn-around an appeal that focuses specifically on those priorities. For phonathons, a Phonecast will help to identify the bad numbers before you dial and the data-capture let’s you arm your callers with information to prioritize the points they use to ask and overcome objections from each alum they reach.