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A Phonecast is an innovative solution to enhance engagement, build loyalty, and enrich connections with your alumni. Live conversation with thousands of alumni, in one hour, from one phone, featuring a distinguished speaker like your president! We dial thousands of numbers per minute and connect everyone who answers into a live and interactive conversation — like a radio call-in show.


Mass communication CAN be personal, warm, and engaging.

Forward Thinking

“Social” media 2.0. Engaging and connecting in live, authentic dialogue.

Problem Solvers

The best path for deeper, more effective, and more actionable engagement comes from authentic dialog.

Customer Support

We support clients every step along the way.

Our Story

For the investment of a modest direct-mail package, you’ll get two quantifiable content deliveries, broad goodwill generated from your outreach, participation of as much as half of your dialed numbers, and robust data to use in honing future communication and further strengthening alumni bonds.

“After the Phonecast, how likely are you to…”

  • Make a Gift 98%
  • Volunteer 96%
  • Attend an Event 97%
  • Positive Remarks about Client 98%

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