Admissions Phonecasts

Initiate Admissions Using Phonecasts

Initiated in a single, simultaneous phone call from your campus to thousands of prospective or admitted students (or their parents). Everyone who answers can join your interactive and engaging event. You build real engagement, generate broad goodwill, and distinguish your communication with dialogue and interactivity.

Feature Academic Professional with Admission Phonecasts

One scenario could feature your President or Academic Dean on a Phonecast. We’ll help promote it ahead of time. For the Phonecast, we can dial all of your prospect pool in a couple minutes. They’ll all hear your speaker live, your speaker can take live-voice, real-time questions from anyone (pre-screened by you), you can also ask polling questions that participants answer by pressing their keypad.

When it’s over, you’ll get an MP3 file of the Phonecast to post on your website. We capture participant responses, so you can use the data to enrich your records and inform future communications.

Other options include a student panel for prospective students, financial aid experts for parents, or other topical speakers.
No other mass communication tool achieves the levels of participation and depth of engagement that a Phonecast delivers.