No Dial Voicemail

Imagine being able to leave a personal voicemail for thousands of your alumni — without ever dialing a single number or ringing the recipient’s phone.

With our new No-Dial Voicemails™ you can deliver 100% of your message to a cell phone voicemail — seamlessly, electronically, and professionally. This innovation is an ideal solution for reaching cell‐phones, because the message is left directly to the voicemail box – you do not dial a number, ring a phone, or generate a “missed call”.

You can leave a more personal sounding message from your President or a key volunteer or VIP, while saving time and adding convenience of scale.

This is not a robo call. In fact, it is not a call at all (remember, “No-Dial Voicemail™”); think of this differently in terms of deployment, speed, and success as it is received by your audience.

Carleton College used No-Dial Voicemail™ as one tactic in their fiscal year-end reminder/appeal plan. In the days leading up to the No-Dial Voicemail™, Carleton was receiving about one online gift every fifteen minutes; in the few hours during and immediately following completion of the No-Dial Voicemail™ delivery, the rate of online gifts spiked to one gift every 4 minutes — an increase of nearly 400 percent.

“We really couldn’t use an appeal code to monitor impact,” said Director of Annual Giving, Maggie Patrick, “but I could look at the real-time frequency of online gifts on our website.  We can’t be certain all of those gifts resulted from the No-Dial Voicemail™, but they undoubtedly had good impact for us.”

Our No Dial Voicemail is executed via proprietary technology and direct arrangement with the four major wireless carriers (covering about 80 percent of the country).

Send us your entire list of numbers and we’ll scrub out the landlines for you, enhancing what you know about each of the numbers in your database.