In addition to the myriad of duties a President does on campus, engaging off-campus with alumni, friends, and other key constituents is just as essential and time-consuming—which is why Phonecasts are so appealing.

Meeting alumni and donors face-to-face or even in group settings at events carries the added challenge of travel, scheduling, and geography. Direct and email messages, webcasts, and social media are solid tools for informing those off campus, but none are as effective and personal as shaking a hand or attending an event where there is direct interaction and dialogue. Alumni can’t hear the excitement in the new president’s voice about upcoming initiatives or ask questions regarding budget and financial responsibility.

The added urgency to communicate directly with alumni and donors and other challenges of transition for a new president align especially well with the value, performance, and ROI of a Phonecast.

A Phonecast is a live event combining the personal connection of a phone call with the capacity to dial and connect with thousands of telephone numbers. Hosting a Phonecast enables a new president to introduce his- or herself, offer brief remarks, and then affords the audience the ability to ask questions about policies, experience, or issues relevant to the university. The live, interactive phone call establishes trust and enhances goodwill for the president with alumni and donors.

The data gleaned from the Phonecast is beneficial to the advancement, alumni relations, and advocacy operations of the institution. You’ll see how long each participant stayed on the phone call, how they answered poll questions, and which phone numbers are no longer active. You can also use this data to correlate engagement after the call, such as matching specific appeals to alumni based upon their answers to polling questions.

Phonecasts are high-touch and high impact

From dollars to engagement scores, Phonecasts establish strong connections and leverage the value of your other communication and event programs, making alumni more responsive to correspondence and donors more invested in funding goals over the course of the academic year.

Connecting the president with alumni in such a broad and personal fashion, early in his/her tenure, will form a bond that cannot be achieved through traditional marketing efforts.

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