Three Ideas for Fiscal Year End and No-Dial Voicemails

Time is the biggest challenge at FY-end – it’s running out and there is more work to do than hours.

Here are three specific examples and sample scripts for using No-Dial Voicemails:

1:  Have your President, Dean, or another VIP record a message like this:

“Oh, hi, this is Dean Wormer from State University, I’ve been calling through to a few of our last year’s donors to say thanks…we had a great academic year due in large part to the generosity of you and other alumni.  I’m helping out and calling to ask if you’d renew your giving before our fiscal year-end on June 30th. Sorry I missed, you, but you can call back to the office at xxx-xxx-xxxx and someone will help you or, if it’s more convenient, go online to www.___________.  Thank you so much for considering this request…and, again, sorry to miss you.  Good-bye.”

2:  Have your major gift team call through to their prospect/suspect list just a few minutes of their time and no worry they will get into a long conversation. They can record the message in a couple of minutes, then with the list, we’ll do the rest.

“Well, I’m sorry you’re not available…this is Sally Jones from State U.  I was going to share quick news about TOPIC and also ask you to please consider an annual fund gift before the end of the college fiscal year on June 30th. Please give me a call back, at xxx-xxx-xxxx, if you’d like to chat or connect with me directly, or you can make your gift online, too at www________.  Thanks in advance and have a great day.”

3:  Instead of hiring ten students to spend the last two weeks calling through lists (and getting mostly voicemails anyway), have one student come in and record a message similar to this:

“Hey, this is Joe Sallie and I’m a junior here at State U … sorry I didn’t reach you.  I’m excited to be calling alumni this month to help out for annual fund gifts, because I’m on scholarship and I do research — two of many things that I know alumni gifts help support.  So, THANKS, for thinking about State and helping me with my education; I plan to pay it forward, uh back? … well do my part after I graduate.  You can call me back at xxx-xxx-xxxx and someone can help you or go online to www._______ to make your gift online.  Oh, and the year-end is June 30th.  Thanks again and good-bye!”

No Dial Voicemails allow you to leave a more personal sounding “sorry I missed you” or “I wanted to remind you” message from your President or a key volunteer or VIP, while saving time and adding convenience of scale. You can do in minutes what it would take countless hours if done manually.

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